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Crafty car

Nobody likes the feeling of buying something blind: nice packaging but on the inside? This is even more relevant in the case of our creative kits that are imported from the United States – a type of toy that is relatively new to the Italian market. While we love this line of toys, we find that Moms are a little bit hesitant when buying something novel. For this reason, we have decided to start our “open box” series of videos. From now on, NO MORE SURPRISES.  Come take a look while we explore the ins and outs of our selection of ALEX Toys

It is important to stress the fact that these videos are not just intended to augment sales but instead are being made in attempt to increase consumer awareness.  In particular, for those customers who would like to purchase online we thought that a short video would best.

Here is our first product video “My Crafty Cars“.  The box suggested age is 3 years and older and the kit provides all the makings for three cardboard vehicles. Important note: the kit contains a glue stick but we suggest that a strong, rapid dry craft glue be used both to attach the top half of the sports car and all the non-sticker pieces. While the glue is really cute (goes on purple but dries clear) and works well on other paper crafts, it just is not up to this particular craft project. Furthermore, the FunLab recommended age is 4 years and older both in terms of the skill required to assemble the cars and the liklihood of them surviving more than 5 minutes of playtime. We had fun putting together this bright red car. Let us know what you think!

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