FunLab Bilingual Phonics: S for snake

Teaching English to 4 year olds can be tricky – balancing curriculum with short attentions spans is not easy if you want to keep the lessons FUN!. While the backbone of FunLab Bilingual Phonics is Jolly Phonics, we have done a lot of work to adapt it to the English as a second language (ESL) setting as well as making it fun even for our littlest students. As we teach the sounds, we try to associate each sound to an entertaining craft which is not too messy or distracting. The “S for snake” craft is a great way to start the year with your first sound of group 1 – “S”.

Vocabulary development: snake, spots, eyes, tongue, red, green and black, 4, glue

You will need:
Colored paper
Google eyes

This activity will be held with our youngest students so I tend to prepare all the material in advance.

Remember to work on having the kids ask for what they would like in English even if not in complete sentences – “green snake, please” is more than acceptable from 4 year olds. Have the kids count out the black spots as they glue on them onto the snake.

No real tutorial is needed but just remember to organize in advance. The Jolly Phonics song associated with “S” is about a snake so the kids really get the association! The snake template was taken from a great site called All Kids Network.

Have fun

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