FunLab Bilingual Phonics: The Number Caterpillar

This craft project is great for beginner English students because it covers colors and numbers from 1 to 5 as well as being a cute caterpillar. You can be combine it with the Valentine’s Heart Butterfly craft to work on the lifecycle of the butterfly or use it as a craft project when working on the N sound – numbers! I used my Sizzix Big Shot with the circle framelite die to cut out the body and head in advance. Remember that following instructions in English is a great way to work on comprehension. When working with older children you can also adapt the project so that they kids have to associate the colors with the first sound in the word. For example, G with green, p with pink… If you want to see how it works look at this video.

Language development: caterpillar, green, yellow, blue red, purple, light green, 1, 2, 3, 4,5 legs, head, eyes, mouth and body.

This project is so easy there is no real tutorial. Just make sure to prepare all your material in advance (including writing the numbers on the body pieces) so that you are sure that the caterpillar craft will work even with smaller kids. Work on having the kids ask for what they need in English, “May I have the light green head?” and hand out the pieces one at a time so that they glue them in the correct place. Our classes for 4 and 5 year olds loved this happy caterpillar – we let them draw on their own legs, mouths and antenae in order to personalize the caterpillars a little.

Have fun

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