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Fruit Therapy – the ultimate fruit smoothie

FRUIT THERAPY-the ultimate fruit smoothie


During these past weeks I think we all have been living a strange version of what we thought our lives were. The complete lockdown set in Italy in response to the COVID19 pandemic means absolutely no going outside. I go by myself to the grocery store but that is it. We have found what I call our QUARANTINE NORMAL – video lessons, homework and me working on the computer. However, in recent days I have started to think about life after quarantine. Seems impossibile but hopefully at the beginning of May we will start to be able to go outside with limitations. One one hand I am so excited – I did not realise how small my house was until stuck inside it for two months. The idea of going for a walk seems like a dream. On the other hand, I am a little bit worried. We all know that even after two months of quarantine the risk of infection still remains. Even with months of social distancing we still see around 3000 new cases a day! I keep telling myself that if we are exposed the import thing is to be part of the 80% of people who get sick but do not need hospital care. I have been following this great update site in called MEDCRAM which has given quite in depth explanations of what you can do to make your immune system stronger so that if and when it comes in contact with the virus it CAN FIGHT BACK AND WIN. Somethings are difficult if not impossible to implement but to boil it all down here is what they suggest:

1. GOOD SLEEP PATTERNS: it has been shown that your body mounts more robust immune responses against viruses when well rested. That means turn off the technology and go to bed at a decent hour – easier said than done.
2. HEALTHY EATING: a well balanced diet of fruit and vegetables gives the body the energy that it needs to fight back and win.
3. DON’T SMOKE: I don’t smoke so this was a no brainer for me but if there was ever a time to cut back and give your lungs a fighting chance against this nasty virus – this is it.

I decided that the kids and I needed to start eating more fruit and vegetables. After a week of chasing them around (our very small house) all day long with a piece of apple/pear/banana I decided I needed another tactic in my campaign of getting them to eat healthy and boost their immune systems. A long time ago my dear friend gave me her recipe for the ULTIMATE FRUIT SMOOTHIE. I made a deal with myself. I would get up early every morning and make us fruit smoothies. That way the first thing they had every morning would be a huge dose of fruit. IT HAS WORKED. We go through an amazing amount of fruit but I am able to pump them full of great vitamins and fibres first thing every morning before they start talking back. Here is my recipe adapted for three (good sized) servings:

Juice from three oranges
juice from half a lemon
one banana
one pear
one apple
a handful of ripe berries – usually strawberries but blueberries are an awesome addition.

Blend it all together and serve immediately. The two secrets to not using sugar are the following: you have to use a really ripe banana (the almost black ones that no one wants to eat) because they are really sweet and use a a good sized DECANA pear (these guys are naturally sweet when ripe). These two ingredients mean that you have a sweet drink without adding any sugar. I have taught the kids to make them but they really made a disaster in the kitchen so I end up making our ULTIMATE FRUIT SMOOTHIES most days without help.

Remember stay safe and stay home

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