Fruit portraits-have fun with Arcimboldo

When I told my 6 year old that this was a portrait of me her answer was, “You don’t have curly hair”. Since when do grapes equal curly hair?

The season for afternoon art classes is coming to an end. Our next to last spring class was dedicated to discovering the quirky if not original portraits created by Milan’s very own Giuseppe Arcimboldo. One of our regulars was so excited about the topic that he brought in a post card showing the The Vegetable Gardener. The entire class got a kick out of turning the card upside down and seeing how a bowl of fruit and vegetables can artfully transform into a face with a top hat.

After a brief discussion our artists wanted to get right to work creating their own fruit portraits. We developed the class in two different levels of difficulty. The first was to create a collage portrait using all sorts of fruit that I had printed and cut out in advance. As you can see bananas became smiles and green beens became hair (straight this time).

Now that the kids had gotten the idea, we had them draw the portrait using markers. Nothing fancy but look at the great results!

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