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Froggy Thermometers

The FunLab challenge: transform a wooden spoon into an adorable Froggy Thermometer! In this all new and exciting workshop format, 15 enthusiastic kids worked hard to meet the challenge. Just in time to measure how cold the days and nights have been recently:) Want to see how they did it? READ ON!

You will need:
Wooden kitchen spoons
Two shades of green acrylic paint
One thermometer
Green chenille stems
Green foamies sheet
Round wooden pieces for eyes
Green 3D paint
Black marker

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Paint the wooden spoon light green.

Step 2: Paint the upper half of the head of the spoon dark green. Let dry.

Step 3: Glue on prepared eyes. (To make the challenge a little bit easier Melania had prepared the eyes in advance. You can also use large google eyes).

Step 4: Use the black marker to draw a smile along the junction between the two shades of green paint.

Step 5: Cut out 4 frog feet from the green craft foam. For those kids who needed it, we provided a template. Cut two green chenille stems in half per frog.

Step 5: Assemble the frog. Here the kids needed a helping hand. We used hot glue to apply the thermometer to the belly of the frog and glue one the legs and feet. See the picture below to get an idea how we did it.

Step 6: The finishing touch! Green 3D paint was used to add details to the face of the frog.

Look what a great job the kids did!

Creativity provided by MELANIA! A new addition to the FunLab crafting team.

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