Flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Usually Valentine’s day brings images of romantic dinners and red roses to mind – generally speaking, a holiday for adults. Across the ocean in the US, however, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated by children. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, the kids prepare a heart shaped envelope made out of construction paper which is decorated and then hung from the back of their desk at school. On the morning of the 14th, each child brings in a small Valentine card to slip unobserved into all of his or her schoolmate’s “hearts”. I still remember the excitement of cutting, gluing and writing small messages for all my friends. Once at home, the envelope is opened and the sweet messages are discovered. While commercially produced cards are available, all you have to do is look at a blog dedicated to crafts for kids to see the spirit that is put into creating this little message of friendship.

We have put together an easy project that combines all of the Valentine’s Day main players: hearts, flowers and candy.

FunLab Mom Hints: Flowers, hearts and candy are the hallmark of this holiday. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to put some of these adorable paper Valentine cards together with your little one – then sweeten up them up with personalized notes.

You will need:

Construction paper




Colored Pencil


Step 1: Pick a piece of colored construction paper that will be the petals of your flower. We used blue, purple and pink but there are no rules! Either trace or draw free hand three hearts. Cut the hearts out.

Step 2: Cut out a 7.5 x 7.5 cm square from another color of paper. Fold the paper into four. Draw one segment of a circle on it, cut out and then open. You have made a perfect circle for the center of your flower. Cut all along the edge in order to make a fringe.

Step 3: Draw a leaf on a piece of green construction paper. It needs to be quite large as it will also hold the message of your Valentine. Cut out the leaf.

Step 4: Pile up the three hearts and leaf and make a hole through all of them that is large enough to pass the stick of the sucker through.

Step 5: Slide the flower center, the three hearts and the leave onto the sucker stick. Open the hearts and leaf so that they look like the petals of a flower. You might to need to fold your hearts little bit.

Step 6: Use clear tape on the back of the flower to hold the leaves in place.

Step 7: Write a message on your leaf. Some common Valentine messages are:

Be mine
Will you be my Valentine?
Love ya
You will always be my Valentine!

Create these cute Valentine’s Day flowers at home with your little one following the instructions shown in the video or our creative idea!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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