Fish letters from FunLab

Keeping 10 kids busy for a week is no easy task. When planning the activities for the week, I realized that we needed some calm projects for those hot moments during the afternoon. As a kid we painted on aluminum foil and then used a q-tip to wipe off the paint creating an interesting “shiny” image – I decided to try this out with our Under the Sea group to make “fish” cards.

This is what we did.
Step 1: We cut aluminum foil into 10 x 10 cm squares. The kids completely painted it with blue acrylic paint. Before the paint dried, they used a q-tip to create all sorts of geometric shapes.
Step 2: While waiting for the paint to finish drying we took a A4 piece of card stock and folded in half. We had the kids draw a fish on the front and cut it out. Smaller kids might need a little bit of help with this step.
Step 3: We then glue the painted foil on the inside of the card and turned it over to see the interesting fish that emerged.
Step 4: The kids used their cards to write a letter to a friend or as a diary for vacation adventures!

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