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First steps in embroidery – learn to do the half stitch with us!

The arrival of warm weather and sunny days makes staying inside for the COVID19 quarantine a real challenge for adults. For children, it is even worse. Why don’t you use this time constructively? Go get out all those craft kits that you just have never had time to open and use! For us, that meant a cross stitch kit for little kids. We have tried lots of cross stitch kits by different companies, however this time we are introducing the kit by LENA. LENA is a great German company that we love. I will tell you right away that there are three things that I love about the FIRST STEPS IN EMBROIDERY (see product here) kit:

1. NO NEEDLES! I don’t know if you ever tried to do any cross stitching projects with kids and suffered the fact that the needle always falls off the thread. It will not happen if you use the FIRST STEPS IN EMBROIDERY kit because each thread has a reinforced tip which allows you to work without a needle. It is so much easier – no more frustration.

2. ROBUST PLASTIC FORMS! I have tried threading activities which have heavy cardboard forms. We have always been frustrated with these kits. It doesn’t seem to matter how heavy the cardboard they always start to bend after you have used them a little. We like the plastic forms in the FIRST STEPS IN EMBROIDERY kit. They are robust and do not bend or suffer from the mistreatment that comes with being handled by little hands.

3. FUN ANIMAL THEME! In each FIRST STEPS IN EMBROIDERY there are two forms – in animal shapes! We did the penguin and elephant kit. We absolutely loved the fact that the shapes could be attached to a suction cup and attached to the refrigerator. Mr Penguin and Mr Elephant are the newest members of our collection of projects hanging in the kitchen.

We decided that a short video could help get you started! Watch and see how easy it is!

The one modification that I would make on this kit is the recommended age. The kit is tested for 3 year olds but I think that it might be a little too much for that small of a crafter. Hold off for a year and use it with your 4 year olds – boys and girls alike! I guarantee that you will spend a wonderful afternoon at home teaching your kids a new skill.

Remember – do your part – stay at home and KEEP CRAFTING

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