Felt comes to Funlab!

In an attempt to create a well rounded selection of activites, we have added the wonderful material, FELT, to our curriculum.

The decision to start to include new classes into our fall curriculum was backed by the collaboration of Cristiana Di Nardo with our workshop team.  With a long experience in felt, she is the perfect addition with excellent spoken English and a long experience with the school district.

For the month of October, we have inserted a Saturday at FunLab on the 16th of October to get your little ones into the mood for Halloween.  Up to 15 kids can participate in the transformation of wool into funny little ghosts (recommended age is 5+).  Saturday at FunLab includes both the activity and snack (from 15.00 to 17.00):  the presence of an adult is not required.  Cost:  15 euro.

Furthermore, we have added a theme to our birthday party selection:  make felt bijoux.What little girl won’t be tickled pink to make a necklace or flower for her hair?

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