Fall craft project: Autumn Wreath

A couple of weeks ago I went to a great craft class for Big Girls – I had a blast. One of the projects was a small Christmas wreath decorated with felt poinsettias. I was not sure how my kids would deal with cutting out felt so I decided to make a larger AUTUMN WREATH with them. We had so much fun making the wreathes that I decided to make a couple to decorate the house!

You will need:
Craft Wire
Colored Paper
Green florist tape

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Wrap your brown pirka around a pan two times and use hot glue to close the circle.

Step 2: Wrap excess pirka around your closed circle. Use hot glue to attach to circle.

Step 3: Your base wreath should look like this.

Making leaves. This protocol I found on many of my favorite sites including Martha Stewart (of course).

Making leaves 1: Cut out two squares of colored paper. I used card stock but construction paper works as well. Cover with glue

Making leaves 2: Add a piece of craft wire and cover with second piece of paper.

Making leaves step 3: Trace a leaf shape onto colored paper lining up the craft wire with the stem area.

Making leaves 4: Cut out your leaves and erase any pencil that you can see from edges.

Making leaves 5: Wrap craft wire with green florist tape.

Back to our wreath

Wrap the leaves around your wreath base.

Add a bow.

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