F is for FISH

We are getting to the end of the school year and my creativity is starting to wane. Every week the children attending FUNLAB ENGLISH SCHOOL classes do a craft project related to the sound of the week. This means a lot of cutting to get ready in advance! The other day I was organizing my mountain of craft material and I found a couple of packs of cupcake papers – exactly what we needed for our F is for FISH project. We used two different sized hearts – one for the mouth and one for the fin. A magic marker for the eye and other fins and VOILA our craft project was ready to go.

You will need:
cupcake papers
colored paper
Metallic markers

Related vocabulary: fish, eye, fins, mouth, glue, heart, big, small

Make sure that you have everything cut out in advance so that you are ready to go! My hint is always – give the kids ONLY what they need. This means that everyone has to have glued on the cupcake paper before handing out the mouth….

Remember we use the JOLLY Learning approach to teaching sounds. The song associated with F is about a floating fish!

My friends and I
went to the beach
with my floating fish.

It got a hole..
the air came out

Here is a link to the song.

Have fun
I ALWAYS #likeagirl

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