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Elmer comes to FunLab for a colorful weekend!

What a colorful weekend!

Even this weekend the workshop started with a book reading:  a fun story staring a rainbow colored elephant.  It was not easy to get started with lots of new faces which created too much excitement:), trips to the bathroom, thirsty kids, a little bit of hunger… when we finally opened the book and started to read the magic exploded!

Once we moved to the work tables, the kids covered an elephant picture frame with lots of pieces of different shapes and colored paper:  it was a color explosion!

After the colorful and happy confusion of Saturday, there was a the calm precision of Sunday:  the kids first organized fragments of different colored paper which they then glued onto the frame.

Kids, you were great and original as usual!

See you at the next laboratory!


P.S.: did you know that there is an Elmer song?  Bianca sang us a little piece of it and she was great!

Thanks everyone!

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