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Elephant parade comes to Milan

I don’t know about you guys but since our kids were born we have decreased the art exhibits that we attend. Gone are the days of wandering around a silent exhibit hall enjoying photography. Last weekend while we were out on a walk near the Milano Castello we ran across a series of colored elephants that the kids thought were great. They had fun running ahead to find the next silly elephant and deciding which one they liked the most. The fun part of the exhibit is that all week long we have been finding more elephants all over the city. On the way to a birthday party we ran across some spectacular elephants in front of the Museum of Natural History that had us giggling like the little “kids” that we are:))

The installation will run until the 15th of November so make sure you find all 80 of the elephants. This is an art show that is really family friendly! Here is a picture of my personal favorite. Which one do you like?

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