Egg Carton Friends

carton bugs

FunLab Mom hints: Look for egg cartons that are made out of paper. Painting over plastic is a little bit more difficult. This project is great because even smaller kids can get involved with a little bit of help.

1. Set up a work area. Protect your table with an old towel or a Drop Cloth from ALEX Toys ®.

2. Dress your kids in old clothes or use a smock to keep things clean and avoid accidents.

3. The egg carton absorbs a lot of paint. Avoid having the kids put too thick of a layer or it will take forever for it to dry.

You will need:

Egg cartons Paint brushes Craft Tacky Glue
Washable paint Scissors 3-D Outliners
Google eyes Chenille stems

Step 1: Cut apart your egg carton. A caterpillar requires three egg portions, an ant two and a spider one. It is necessary to level off the bottom cutting away the extra carton.

Step 2: Paint your bugs all different colors. Let dry. Glue on eyes and use a marker, 3-D outliner or more paint to make a face.

Step 3: Use your scissors to poke holes to pass the chenille stems through the carton to make antanae and legs.

We also made ants and caterpillars.

FunLab Fact: Do you know one big difference between spiders and insects? Count the legs. Spiders have 8 and insects have 6!

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