Easy Summer Crafts for Kids: Twine wrapped bottles

wrapped bottles2
Summer is here and we are hard at work putting together the curriculum for the 2015 FunLab Arts and Crafts Summer Camp. Recycling has always been a central part of our crafting philosophy. We use paper tubes, old boxes, newpaper, magazines and more but glass bottles have always left me a little puzzled – how to create something unique and fun? A little bit of colored twine and craft glue later, we had transformed a bottle into a colorful summer vase! Easy and (relatively) mess free – a perfect combination of crafting and recycling for our campers.

You will need:
Old bottle
Craft glue
Colored twine

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Wash and dry your glass bottle. Cover with a generous layer of craft glue and the start wrapping with twine. Don’t worry about the glue showing – it will dry transparent!
start at bottom

Step 2: Keep going all the way to the top.

yellow flower in vase

Add a flower and your summer vase is ready to go!

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