Easy back to school craft – viva DUCT TAPE

The other afternoon I was in my favorite craft store and I found DUCT TAPE on sale. I immediately got carried away and picked out a couple of different patterns convinced that I would have the campers at the FUNLAB BACK TO SCHOOL CAMP make a duct tape project. Then I got home and started looking around on the internet and said “Oh no!”. All the posts called for X-acto knives and self healing craft mats – no way I was letting a group of 10 rambunctious kids get their hands on an X-acto knife! 3 hours later and a couple of zip lock bags cut into pieces I had two really cute DUCT TAPE pencil cases that are EASY PEASY and perfect for our campers.

You will need:
1 quart size zip lock bags
Duct tape
Glitter stickers

Let’s get started:
The first hurdle was the self healing craft mat. I needed a way to have the kids measure out their tape on their individual work spaces. I found this great parchment paper that has a grid made by Reynolds. The white grid lines are perfect for the craft – the kids can use it to measure the tape! In the picture below, the white lines did not show up well so I added two black arrows to indicate the grid lines we were following. One problem solved.

Step 1: Decide how wide the bag needs to be. Lay tape on the paper to make the size of the unfolded bag – this was 5 pieces of tape. We then used a ruler to draw two straight lines on the edge – just line up the ruler with the white grid line on the paper! Really EASY! You can use NORMAL KID CRAFT scissors to trim the edges. No X-acto knife needed! Another problem solved.

Step 2: Once the edges are trimmed take the tape off the paper in one piece. Turn over and line the sticky side with another color of duct tape.

Step 3: Cut the zip lock off of a 1 quart plastic bag. Use a pencil to decide how long it needs to be and trim off the the excess.

Step 4: Divide the zip lock into the two pieces. Tape each piece to the inside of the two ends of the double sided duct tape. Remember to fold the top piece of tape over to the front of the bag.

Step 5: Fold the bag in half and re-seal the zip lock. Line up the edges. Tape the sides – AND YOUR BAG IS DONE!

Step 6: Use glitter stickers to personalize the bag.

Fill with your favorite pencils and you are one step closer to being ready to GO BACK TO SCHOOL. We made a version that was a little less feminine for my son.

If you like DUCT TAPE as much as I do (this stuff is great), why not try out one of the ALEX BRANDS DUCT TAPE KITS (click here to learn more)! You can build a cover for your tablet or telephone.

Have fun

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