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Easter craft project for kids: “Make way for the ducklings”

After living for many years in Boston, I have a soft spot for the ducklings from McCloskey’s classic children’s book which have been immortalized as bronze sculptures in the Boston Public Gardens. Living far from Boston, I decided that my kids needed their own little duck family to decorate the house in time for Easter.

We usually dye eggs for Easter but this time I decided to put our eggs shells to another use…

You will need:
Egg shells (see tutorial here)
Yellow acrylic paint
Google eyes
Orange Craft Foam
Yellow tissue paper
Lamination glue

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Paint your egg shells yellow.

Step 2: Fill around 1/3 with sand.

Step 3: Use the lamination glue to cover the hole in the shell with a piece of yellow tissue paper.

Step 4: Cut out wings, beak and webbed feet.

Step 5: Glue onto the egg.

Step 5: Glue on google eyes.

All done!

Even did one with feathers….

Have fun

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