Easter Craft: Polish Eggs

This craft is definately for big kids! Polish eggs…Easter fun for moms 🙂 I first learned how to make Polish Easter Eggs when I was in my second year of university visiting the home of one of my friends.  This fantastic tradition of coloring eggs is rewarding both because the amazing eggs you create are truly spetacular and it is a great way to spend some time with a friend crafting! We had so much fun that I went home and bought myself a kit so that I could make them on my own. This year when I cleaned out my craft box I ran across this rather old kit and decided that when my sister came to visit we would have to explore this AMAZING CRAFT FOR BIG KIDS while drinking a good glass of red wine.

You will need:
one friend
a glass of red wine
a kit (found one that is not 20 years old here)
a candle
white eggs

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Use the tool included in the kit to draw lines of hot wax from your candle on your white egg. Remember that wherever you cover with wax will be white in the final egg.

Step 2: Use a pencil to draw detials on your egg.

Step 3: Put the egg in the lighest (in this case yellow) dye.

Step 4: Continue adding detials with the wax. In the picture below, everything that we cover with wax at this stage will be red!


Step 5: Use the candle to melt the wax off the egg and discover what an artist you are!

The creation of an egg takes around 2 hours – just enough time to drink a glass of wine and catch up on all the latest news with your crafting buddy. Just one suggestion: ONLY ONE GLASS OF WINE. Drop one of these gorgeous eggs and you will regret it! Take a look on the internet you will find great examples of what you can do.

Have fun and have a great Easter

P.S. Traditionally, the eggs are not blown but allowed to “dry”. My experience is that the eggs explode when the temperature starts to rise which I can guarantee is not a pleasant experience! I emptied the eggs so that we could keep them for next years Easter table.

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