Easter craft for kids: Chick Parade

Easter is one of my favorite holidays for making decorations. What can inspire crafting more than adorable chicks, bunnies, baskets and colored Easter eggs! This year the kids wanted to make a center piece for our Easter table and we decided to make a family of bright yellow chicks. We were a little perplexed on how to make small bodies when I remember that we had little water balloons left over from last summer……

You will need:
Water balloons
Yellow tissue paper
Craft Glue
Google Eyes
Craft Foam
Hot Glue

Let’s get started:
Step 1: We used small water balloons covered with pieces of yellow tissue paper and diluted school as described in our post dedicated to making a pignata in order to make the body of the chick. Remember that you need to ddd several layers and let then completely dry.

Step 2: Pop balloon and carefully remove.

Step 3: Pour in some sand. This step is very important or your chicks will not stand up!

Step 4: Cover hole with more paper and glue.

Step 5: Add felt details such as feathers and wings.

Step 6: Add foam details such as beak and feet.

Step 7: Add google eyes!

Your Easter center piece is ready!

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