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Easter bunny cupcakes

On Sunday we invited friends over for brunch with the intention of taking the kids down to the park after we had finished eating.  Much to my dismay Mother Nature did not agree with my plans – in fact Sunday was a rainy, gray day.  I needed a back up plan for our 4 little kids to keep them busy and us adults sane:)

When I was doing the grocery for the brunch I found WHITE MARSHMELLOWS and knew that my problems were solved (now you are thinking Alison has gone crazy)!  I remembered a great post in which they turned simple cupcakes into adorable little bunnies for Easter.  Look how we did and try it yourself.

You will need:
Cupcakes from your favorite recipe
Cream cheese frosting
Flaked coconut
Pink sugar
Smarties and other assorted candies

Get started!

Step 1: Cover the top of the cupcake with the frosting.

Step 2: Cover with coconut.

Step 3: Make the ears by cutting the marshmellows in half and dipping the sticky side in the pink sugar.

Step 4: Add two ears to your bunny.

Step 5: Add a Smartie as a nose.

Step 6: Unroll a licorice roll and use to make whiskers. Add to your bunny face.

Step 7: Cut licorice to make eyes and add to your cupcake.

Oh! By the way, work fast because the cupcakes are yummy even without the frosting.

I don’t remember where I saw this idea but try it out and send us the pictures!


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