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Dress up your kid’s clothes with glitter!

The onsie seen in the picture above is actually one of my creations, the best part is that I created it a few minutes! Every once and a while I discover a new craft product and I just have to try it out. This most recent one I like so much that I have been using it everywhere. The new product is glitter sheets that can be used to decorate t-shirts, backpacks, outfits for school..and many other fabric materials. They are easy to use because they do not need to be sewn, just iron them on and after 20 seconds your decoration is ready to be admired.

Recently, I have been decorating lots of shirts for my little girl who loves elephants, rabbits, butterflies and birds. Here I demonstrate how to make a pink onsie decorated with a cute bunny rabbit. I created a template that you can download so that you can try to make one at home.

I suggest you ask your kids what they would like to create so that they can participate in the creation of project. You could even use one of their drawings, then with scissors they can cut out the glitter paper and you can finish the project with the iron!

Here is a quick explanation on how to use the glitter sheets and to make my bunny.


1 sheet pink glitter paper
1 sheet hot pink glitter paper
1 small black button
Bunny template (click here to download)
1 one white t-shirt or onsie (I used a pink onsie)

How to make it

1) Download the bunny template (here), cut it out and trace on the pink glitter paper. You can use a marker directly on the clear film that covers the glitter paper. Cut out the shape of the bunny with scissors.

2) Draw a heart on the hot pink glitter paper and then cut it out.

3) Place the pink bunny in the center of the t-shirt, use a yard stick to make sure that it is in the correct place.

4) Using a iron set at medium heat, iron the bunny for 20 seconds.

5) Wait for the glitter to cool off and then remove the clear film (where you drew your bunny) that covers it.

6) Add the heart and button as an eye and iron them (even at the same time) for 20 seconds.  Remove the film from the heart as soon as it has cooled off.

7) Personalize your drawing, for example I added some grass at the feet of the bunny.

The glitter sheets are a product that can be found at the store Bella Mamma.

Linda from  Pane, amore e creatività

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