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DIY Traffic Accessories

DIY Traffic Accessories

We are back with another wonderful car by Nikko – My First Nikko RC. We had a great time with the OMNI X and Turbo Panther but what about a car for little kids? My First Nikko RC is the perfect fit. The remote control has large buttons which allow even smaller kids to have an awesome time driving their My First Nikko RC. Obviously, we had to add a touch of creativity to our play! After going through my craft supplies I decided to make DIY Traffic Accessories using paper cups! All you need to make these DIY Traffic Accessories are paper cups, paper straws, red/orange paint and red paper. And a touch of imagination!

DIY Traffic Accessories

Let’s get started on our DIY Traffic Accessories!

At first I was not sure how to keep the lines straight on the cups but rubber bands solved that problem for us. I only had red and yellow paint at home so we had a blast making orange paint. Ours ended up being on the red side of the spectrum but all you have to do is add a little more yellow to fix that. Watch the video to see how easy the DIY Traffic Accessories!

The radio command has buttons for sound effects which are the perfect addition to our DIY Traffic Accessories. I really appreciated the forward and reverse functions which are on large buttons so a bit easier for smaller hands!

DIY Traffic Accessories

We made traffic cones and a stop sign but there are many other accessories which you can make using paper products that you have home.

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