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DIY Mr Potato Head – you can cut his hair!

final Mr Potato Head with HAIR
Toy Story 4 has arrived! If you haven’t seen it yet – make sure you do while it is on the big screen. We love all the characters but MR POTATO HEAD is one of our favorites. One afternoon when I was hanging out with the kids, we decided to try to make a MR POTATO HEAD with hair that we could cut! We used a “vintage” craft from my summer camp days and the result was so much fun that I decided to share it with our readers. I remembered how to do it but we followed this post to make sure that it would work. Remember that the “hair” will take around a week to grow so this will take a little patience. My kids had fun making the MR POTATO HEAD and then even more fun styling his grass hair! This a wonderful summer activity.

You will need:
nylon socks
grass seed
chenille stems
google eyes
craft foam
a small glass

LOTS OF IMAGINATION (not for sale one the internet)

The only part of this that I think I need to explain is how to build the head. Open your nylon sock and add a generous spoonful of grass seed to the toe area. Fill the rest of the sock with saw dust. Tie the sock in a knot leaving a fair amount of sock (needs to hang down into a glass of water so that the grass will grow). Any doubts – look at the image below.

sock set up

Make a face on your potato just like you would with the toy. The only difference is that you can make it however you want using pompoms, craft foam and google eyes. One of my kids had a blast making his MR POTATO HEAD a pair of glasses using a chenille stem. We tried to sew on as many of the face parts as possible. You need to remember that you need to wet the head to make the grass grow and not all glues will resist the water. We did not want any noses falling off!

Once the face was complete, we put it under the sink facet and wet it well. We then set in on a small glass full of water. The extra nylon needs to hang down into the water so that the grass seeds have a constant source of water. We checked the water level over the course of the week to make sure that it never dried out (it was really hot!). The kids did not like seeing the glass and extra nylon so they covered the glass with a piece of paper and drew on a tie.

After a week we had hair! I did not cut mine but the kids had a blast trimming theirs into different styles. We waited a couple of days and the hair grew more and the fun continued!

Try it out and let us know how it goes

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