DIY Haunted House

We finally finished our DIY haunted house – just in time for Halloween. When I was visiting my sister during the summer, she was cleaning out her craft supplies and wanted to get rid of an adorable little cardboard house. At first I thought about using it for Christmas but then we decided we needed a haunted house for our Halloween decorations.

I have been wanting to try out Uniposca markers for a while so here was my chance! I colored the entire DIY haunted house – black, of course.

The next step was to add some details. I started by using yellow tissue paper to cover the windows.

I thought that it would cute with little lights on the inside.

The house seemed a little simple so I created some shutters and a door using black paper and a white uniposca.

I had a little string of lights which I put inside – look how cute the house is with the windows glowing.

The final step was to add all the little creatures we have been creating. The pumpkins, ghosts and bats were great but we were still missing the final touch. Look at the awesome witch we got from FunLab. The witch from Snow White made by Bullyland is awesome! Look at the details! Now our DIY Haunted House is complete!

keep crafting


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