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DIY Gift Boxes

DIY gift boxes

Last week we painted gift bags, so it makes sense that this week are making little strawberry DIY gift boxes for our end of the school year teacher gifts! The idea for these DIY gift bags came from my little crafting buddy (she is 9!). She had watched some YouTube videos showing how to make these boxes but could not get the tutorials to work. So, here we are. I promised her to figure it out and make an easy version for her teacher gift bags. So if you are interested in easy (and super cute) gift boxes try out these.

One of the reasons I loved the idea for these DIY gift boxes is that you don’t need any special equipment or material. All you need is green and red paper, a little bit of string and some imagination. We traced a circle on the red paper – I used a small plate. Once you have a circle, you need to fold it in half.

step one diy gift box

We then folded this in half.

step 2 diy gift box

Your circle should look like above.

Step 3 diy gift boxes

With one more fold, our circle has now been transformed into a cone.

step 4 diy gift boxes

We cut the top off the cone to make it look like a flower petal. It does not have to be perfect.

step 5 diy gift bags

We punched a hole through all the layers at the same time.

step 6 diy gift bags

We then opened the cone so that it looks like a heart. To make the gift box stronger, we glued the flap on one side of the heart down.

step 7 diy gift bags

We drew black seeds on both sides of the heart shape.

step 8 gift boxes

We opened the heart shape and slid in a bracelet that we made before. I had a wonderful kit from MIR which was perfect for our teacher gifts. You can find it here.

step 9 gift boxes

We used some red and white twine to close the top of the DIY gift box. It is starting to look like a STRAWBERRY!

step 10 gift boxes

We followed the same approach on a small green circle to create the top of our box. Before we added it to the strawberry, we added cute messages. Remember to check out the video tutorial to see how easy it is.

Our DIY gift boxes were ready to add to the painted gift bags – just in time for the end of the school year.

keep crafting


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