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DIY: FIMO Valentine’s Day key chain

The reason that I decided to write the DIY: FIMO Valentine’s Day key chain post is kinda of random. Around a week ago, I opened my email and found one of those suggestion emails from Amazon. I usually get a giggle about the silly things that they suggest that I might be interested in purchasing but this time the suggestion caught my eye. It was a 12 pack of various FIMO colours. If you don’t know what FIMO is you HAVE to try it out. It is an ultra easy polymer clay which you can model and then bake in the oven. Your creations take on a instant ceramic like consistency. SO MUCH FUN. So I ordered it.

Before I show you how we made our DIY: FIMO Valentine’s Day key chains I just wanted to remind our readers that we have used polymer clay in the past. My sister came to visit one summer during a FunLab summer camp and ran a great SCULPI workshop. Click here to check it out.

The Saturday after the FIMO colors arrived I sat down at the kitchen table and told the kids – “Time to make hearts”. I was so busy making mine that I did not realise they were not really paying attention to my instructions. I made a heart for my DIY: FIMO Valentine’s Day key chain as planned.

DIY:   Valentine's Day

When I looked up I realised that they were making dogs, rainbows and everything under the sun but not one heart.

DIY:   Valentine's Day

I insisted a little bit and got the gang to make some hearts. Otherwise, how would they make their own DIY: FIMO Valentine’s Day key chain?

DIY:   Valentine's Day

We put our different shapes into the oven at 110°C for 30 minutes and waited excitedly for them to be done. After the FIMO shapes cooled, we painted them with a FIMO gloss product. Okay – once again from Amazon. In my defence, we are in the middle of a pandemic which makes going out and looking for crafting supplies a little bit complicated. I promise to do better next time.

I dipped into my craft supply box for the makings of key chains and our DIY: FIMO Valentine’s Day key chains were done! Now we just have to get some sweets together for our special Valentine’s.

Stay tuned for our next post – I had not realised how much FIMO would come in the set! Our creative juices are flowing and we have some cute surprises to share with you shortly. Here is a hing: Think CANDLES!

Keep crafting

Alison and the gang

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