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DIY DOG COSTUME: Momma’s little ANGEL!

DIY DOG COSTUME:Momma's little angel
If you asked me a couple of years ago if I every saw myself owning a dog I would have answered “NO!”. One more thing for me to take care of???? I would have thought that you we out of your mind. Then life happened and I ended up owning a 3kg bundle of fur and love. She is a source of constant love and silliness. Until I owned a dog, I could never have imagined how she would affect us and become our little angel. Since the kids will no longer let me put together their costumes, I decided that it was Nim’s turn. After looking around on the internet I decided that she NEEDED to become an angel for this year’s Halloween party. Hence, the


We have made all sorts of costumes over the years from tutus to animal masks but this costume was by far the easiest! All I did is glue some wings made out of glittery adhesive paper on the back on one of her puppy sweaters and she was looking like an angel. I tried to add a halo made out of chenille stems but Nim wanted no part of it so I removed it from the sweater.

The kids loved her new look!

Even dogs can enjoy Halloween.
Have fun

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