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Decoupage for kids

Our decoupage for kids workshop was a big success

All 20 kids who participated in the super FunLab workshop did an excellent job!

Here I describe the phases of our project:

After having carefully covered the handles and clasp of our paper mache suitcase, the kids painted it with acrylic paint after having decided their favor color: orange, blue, green, hot pink… we used every color under the sun!

In the next step, we glued on pieces cut our from our favorite comic strip (Mickey Mouse): we covered the suitcase with a good layer of washable school glue, then we layered on our comics and for a final step we painted over the paper with another layer of glue. It was a complicated job and the cut out comic pieces kept disappearing off the tables:).

We did not have enough time to paint the suitcase with the finishing gloss but another layer of glue will do the job. The kids can always glue on more pieces of comics at home.

Great job… and see you at the next craft workshop!
Bye for now


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  • decoupage
    November 19, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    These children are fine people, my kids also love to decoupage


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