Creative candles FunLab style!

Candle collage with copyright
We have never held a workshop on decorating candles with our campers at the annual FunLab Bilingual Summer Camp but I have been dying to try it out and recently I found at a great price colorful sheet wax and liquid candle paint! So here we are with our first ever CREATIVE CANDLE post! A little bit more messy that I expected but so much FUN.

You will need:
White candles
Liquid candle paint
Sheet wax

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Use the end of a brush to etch a design in the candle.
etch design

Step 2: Fill in the etched design with the liquid candle paint. You can also paint it on the candle with a brush!
decorate with candle paint

Step 3: Add small dots made out of yellow sheet wax by cutting out a small piece and rolling into a ball.
wax balls

Step 4: Press the ball onto the candle so that it is flat on the candle.

Step 5: The steet wax can also be cut out to form shapes like flowers and butterflies!
student candle

Step 6: You can also use the liquid candle paint to write fun details on the candle.

One thing that helps keep this messy project a little bit more under control are some moist napkins and q-tips so that the kids could clean up little errors on the candles. The liquid candle paint cleaned up really easily from the table and hands!

Have fun

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