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Creative afternoon with MEGA COLOURING SET

Creative afternoon with MEGA COLOURING SET

Kids can be really surprising. I would like to share an afternoon that I had recently with a FunLab minitester. I usually have everything all organised when I invite a minitester including the selection of the toy that I will have them try out. This time I tried a new approach. I presented 5 awesome different creative kits (I knew she would love them all) and I asked her to decide. Her choice completely shocked me. She chose the MEGA COLOURING SET (including 50 different colouring components) by Maped Creativ. At first I didn’t say anything but then I had to ask, “Why did you choose the MEGA COLOURING SET?”. And this is the part that shocked me.

So WHAT did she want to do with the MEGA COLOURING SET?

So to explain I have to take a step back. Every time she comes over we start the afternoon together with her reading to me in English from one of my favorite authors for kids. If you have never taken a look at the Winnie the Witch series by Valerie Thomas, I strongly advise you check them out! She told me that at the beginning of the Winnie books that we read together when she comes over to do a toy testing there are pictures that have been done by children and sent to the author. She wanted to do a drawing and send it to Valerie Thomas. Wow! Loved the idea. We spent a little while looking through the books that we have read until now and she decided on her favorite book and her favorite moment in the story and off we went!

When we opened the Mega Colouring Set by Maped Creativ we were both surprised that there was a pencil organiser to be coloured and assembled in the kit (I had forgotten it was included:)).

Creative afternoon with MEGA COLOURING SET

One word of advice. Colour the pencil stand before you assemble it! We were so excited to see how it come together that we built it immediately but then had to take it apart so that we could color it. OOPS! We used the coloured pencils, crayons and markers to create shading. After we had coloured and “rebuilt” the pencil stand, we started on her drawing.

Creative afternoon with MEGA COLOURING SET

We still need to add some details to her drawing but then I will send it to the author and hope we hear back from her! As you can tell I am a huge fan of the Winnie the Witch series. In fact, we have used the silly Winnie and her best friend Wilbur in our book club activities where the book reading is linked to a creative project. Click here to see one example.

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