Create a recycled speedway to race the TURBO PANTHER!

turbo panther

When I first received the Turbo Panther from the warehouse, I was not quite sure how it use it with my mini testers. However, I was surprised when I showed the Turbo Panther box to the tester group. The first thing that they asked me to do was to build a race course. After a little bit of brainstorming we decided to create a recycled speedway to race the Turbo Panther! Watch the video to see how a box, some cardboard and a little paint can be transformed into something NEW and FUN!

But this recycled speedway is only half the fun. Our next step is to try out the OMNI X by Nikko. I already showed the testers the OMNI X and they are coming up with another component of our recycled race course. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Stay tuned for the race OMNI X against the Turbo Panther.

If you like recycling project, you should take a minute to check out the FunLab blog archive. We love anything that transforms trash into fun!

keep crafting

remember if you try something out send us some pictures!


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