Create a finish line using a recycled toy box for a super race with the OMNI X!

Finish Line for OMNI X

A couple of weeks ago we turned an old cardboard box from the fruit store into a mega ramp (click here to read the post) for racing the Turbo Panther by Nikko. I was so surprised by how much fun we had and so guess what?! We are going to try out another of the fantastic Nikko race cars. This time I opened the OMNI X with my assistant toy tester. We wanted to make an additional racing accessory like the ramp so after a little bit of brain storming we decided that our race course needed a FINISH LINE. At first we were not sure how we wanted build it but the box was just sitting there looking at me… we recycled the box into the finish line for a super race with the OMNI X!

We removed the plastic and the back of the box and covered what was remaining with red tape. The entire process only took around twenty minutes – all you have to do is watch the video to see how you can create a finish line using the recycled toy box for a super race with the OMNI X!

Recycled FINISH LINE video

After we created the FINISH LINE from the packaging, we had worked up quite an appetite. I had made some banana bread and so we had a healthy snack after all the fun word creating the recycled FINISH LINE. Take a look at the FunLab blog archive for other yummy recipes.

Stay tuned because next time we are going to race the Turbo Panther and the OMNI X on our recycled race course.

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