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Crafty Almond Blossoms inspired by Van Gogh

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream” – Vincent Van Gogh –

During the week of summer camp dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh the topic of his mental instability fascinated our campers. In order to balance out this fascination with the sadder aspects of his life, we took time to explore his genius in creating a new artistic genere. We decided to focus on the almost whimsical beauty in some of his artwork. One of my favorite pieces by this amazing artist is “Almond Blossoms” dating to 1890 during his final (very productive) years of life. After several unsucessful attempts, I came up this this mix of craft and art for our little artists to reproduce this famous piece.

Age: 5 to 10 years old
Word development: trees, branches, twigs, bark, rough, brown, delicate, strong, white, glitter, glue, flowers, center, petals, leaves, dreams, creation, water colors, markers, tip, vertical, horizontal, spring, summer, blossoms, happiness

You will need:
Watercolor paper
White tissue paper

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Completely paint a piece of watercolor paper with light blue watercolors.

Step 2: Draw a branch of a tree with brown markers and color.

Step 3: Cut out white flower shapes from the tissue paper.

Step 4: Use the tip of a pencil to make easy paper flowers. First cover the eraser end of the pencil with a piece of paper and add a drop of glue.

Step 5: Add another layer of white tissue paper.

Step 6: Keep adding layers of tissue paper until a fluffy flower is formed. Remove flower from pencil tip.

Step 7: Add a drop of glue to the center of the flower and cover with glitter. Let dry.

Step 8: Have the kids make at least 30 of these flowers. Position along the branch in order to create clusters of flowers.

Step 9: Have the kids talk about their dreams. Try having them transform their dreams into drawings. See the great things that they are able to create.

Enjoy exploring Van Gogh!

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