Crafts for kids

Crafts for kids: the FunLab dream catcher

This week during our summer camp we have introduced Native American crafts – staring our own version of the DREAM CATCHER! Come see how to turn an old metal hanger and some fabric scraps into something you can hang in your bedroom.

You will need:
Metal hanger
Fabric scraps
Kitchen twine

Language development: metal, bend, tape, wrap, fabric, glue, knot, twine, over, under, loop, web, feather, beads, dreams and circle

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Cut a metal hanger and bend into a circle shape. Close with black electrical tape. cover with fabric strips.
wrap metal frame

Step 2: Paint covered frame with diluted glue. Hang to let dry.
paint with diluted glue

Step 3: Tie twine onto the frame.
tie knot

Step 4: Working clockwise, wrap the twine around the frame.

Step 5: Keep going until you work your way back to the knot.

Step 6: Now loop over the twine.

Step 7: Keep going around clockwise until you have created a web. Tie off the twine when you are in the center of the web.

Step 8: String beads on a piece of glue and add a feather to the end. Tie onto the bottom of the frame.

Our campers loved adding the feathers!
kid made dream catchers

Hang up and enjoy!

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