Crafts for kids: EASY FABRIC BOWLS!

Fabric bowls
I was recently given two huge bags of fabric sraps to use in the FunLab Workshop. At first I was puzzled on how to use all the little odds and ends and then we decided to turn them into COLORFUL FABRIC BOWLS. Two easy ingredients: diluted glue and fabric are all you need to made these adorable little bowls. Come see how our campers made them…

You will need:
pastic wrap
fabric scraps
paint brushes
school glue

English Language Devolopment: inside, outside, fabric, bowl, glue, brush, layer, plastic wrap, cover, spread, wet and dry

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Prepare your work table with a plastic table cloth – this gets really messy and sticky! Place scraps in a bowl and diluted glue in small containers.

Step 2: Cover your bowl bases with plastic wrap and paint with glue. Cover with random scraps of different colors of fabric. Remember that the first layer of fabric is the “inside” of the bowl and your designs need to be place face down so that you can see them when the project is done. Your fabric needs to be wet with the glue in order for the bowl to stick together.

Step 3: Keep adding layers of fabric until you have created at a rigid bowl when dry.

The kids loved this activity because the transformation from a pile of fabrics into a bowl is really striking!

Step 4:  Slide the dry bowl out of the plastic covered base.  We turned our COLORFUL FABRIC BOWL into a holder for our business cards….

Have fun

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