Craft project for kids: on the go with ROCK CARS!

Are your kids fascinated by rocks?  Do you ever find their pockets full of small stones that end up in the washing machine?! Here is a craft project dedicated to all those kids who love rocks – ROCK CARS! One afternoon while looking at our ever expanding collection of small rocks, we noticed that some of the rocks looked like the cars. A little bit of paint, buttons and imagination later we had created our own collection of CREATIVE ROCK CARS to drive around on a construction paper road. I don’t know which was more fun – painting the rocks or playing with the cars!

You will need:
various sized rocks
acrylic paint
hot glue
construction paper
paint brushes

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Wash the rocks really well.
Step 2: Decide what car you want to create and paint the rocks with acrylic paint.
Step 3: Use markers to add small details such as door handles and license plates.

Step 4: Glue on small buttons for wheels.

Step 5: Make a street out of black construction paper!

You cars are ready to be test driven!

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