Craft project for kids: Homemade hot air balloon

During the FunLab Little English Explorer summer camps, the kids made lots of theme related craft projects. You name it – they made it! This particular project I loved. During the week dedicated to learning the English required to navigate through a vacation, the kids told us about all their wonderful vacation destinations. We talked about “flying in planes” and “taking long train rides” to far off places and all the fun things they were planning on doing. One exciting adventure that fascinated the kids was going on a ride in a hot air balloon. Take a look at how easy this recycling based project is!

You will need:
small paper round lamp cover
acrylic paint
lamination glue
kitchen string
colored tissue paper
small plastic cups

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Assemble the paper lamp shade. My sister was throwing away a bunch that she did not use anymore but you can find them in just about any hardware store.

Step 2: Paint the paper lamp shade with acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint with lamination glue.

Step 3: Trim a small plastic cup to the appropriate size for your hot air balloon.

Step 4: Cover the plastic cup with colored tissue paper using the lamination glue. Let dry.

Step 5: Glue small paper pieces onto the painted lamp shade to decorate. Let dry.

Step 6: Cut out two pieces of kitchen string. Make two holes using sharp scissors in the plastic cup which will be the basket for our hot air ballon and tie on the string.

Step 7: Tie onto the painted and decorated paper lamp cover.

You are all done and your hot air balloon ready to fly off in search of adventure!
Take care

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