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Confetti Masks for Carnevale

Confetti Masks for Carnevale

We usually don’t get political on FunLab but the last couple of days have made that rather difficult. Two of the FunLab mini testers have grandparents living in the humanitarian disaster unleashed on Ukraine bringing this faraway war much closer to home. On Saturday I was preparing the material for Confetti masks for Carnevale that FunLab students will be putting together during the next week. We decided to make them Confetti Masks for Carnevale in colours of the Ukraine flag to wear in solidarity during these next days of festivities in Milan.

The FunLab classes will be doing masks using confetti that is so easy to find in big bags – perfect for a classroom activity. I used my Big Shot die cutter to cut out the masks but there are many templates online that you can print and have your students cut out.

For our Confetti Masks for Carnevale in the colours of the Ukraine flag we used the die cutter to cut out loads of yellow and blue circles. If you want to see the video no how we did it come over to @FunLabmi on Instagram and watch the reel. While you are there make sure you start to follow us!

If you are looking for other ideas for masks for Carnevale make sure that you take a look at the archive.

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We stand with Ukraine.

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