Christmas popurri – recycle your tree!

At FunLab we recycle everything – so why not the Christmas tree. At this time of year, I always have mixed feelings. Taking down the tree is almost a relief but I feel nostalgic about another holiday season coming to an end. This year I decided to clip some branches from the tree and turn them into little Christmas popurri. We hung them on the radiators in the house. Every time the heat comes on the house is filled with the sweet aromas of Christmas!

You will need:
Cinnamon Sticks
Christmas tree branches
Hot glue
Glitter star

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Trim tree branches so that size wise they look like a small tree. Glue onto cinnamon stick
Step 2: Glue piece of ribbon onto the back of the cinnamon stick.

Step 3: Glue colored wooden buttons and star onto tree.

Hang on radiator! Enjoy!


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