Carving with kids – tutorial for little stampers

final stamps
I have always been fascinated by the process of making stamps. This year we decided to start STAMP CARVING with our campers and it was a huge success. I would suggestion this project for kids 10 years and older due to the tools that are used and the need to be quite precise. Fun, fun and more fun.

You will need:
Carving blocks
Carving tools
Sharpie Markers

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Decide what image you would like to convert into a stamp. Two important things to explain to the kids is that the image needs to be simple and not too small. Draw the image on a piece of tracing paper and cut out a piece a carving block to the right size.
stampmaking step 1

Step 2: Rub the image (image side down) on the carving block in order to transfer it. You can see the first problem that we ran into. The image did not transfer completely!
transfer image

Step 3: We used a black Sharpie to trace over the image. Fixing the transfer problem!
outline image

Step 4: Use the wedge shaped tool to cut around the edge of the image.
using tools step 1

Step 5: Use the U shaped tool to scoop out the top layer of the carving block.
using tools step 2

Keep going until the image has been completely carved out of the block. Look at a couple examples of stamps created by our campers!
child made stamp
student made stamp 2

Loved adding this new technique to our camp schedule. Try it out and send us the pictures.
take care

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