Carnival Masks – DIY masks for the classroom

Creating craft projects for the FunLab English School is not easy because we need at least 150 of each project! So when I saw the SIZZIX MASK die cutter I knew that it would be a well spent 20 euro. We were able to come up with a low cost and little to no mess CARNIVAL MASK for all of our students! One great thing about this die cutter is that the size mask can work for a child or an adult!

You will need:
Sizzix mask die cutter
watercolor paper
Concentrated liquid watercolors
Puffy Paint

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Get CUTTING! We have around 150 kids in our afterschool English program and ALL of them needed masks. You can cut 4 at a time with the this die but you need to get going!

Step 2: Have the kids paint the watercolor masks just with water to slightly wet the paper. Then put a drop of concentrated liquid water color right onto the brush and let them paint away. The color will be vibrant and using water colors means little to no mess. You can even have them use the same brush – just add a drop of paint before each new mask. Besides being ALMOST MESS FREE, the watercolors also dry very fast so you can get onto the fun part – decorating!

Step 3: Have the kids use puff paint to add details. Remember to have a blow dryer on hand – these paints require a little heat to puff up.

Step 4: Add some adhesive gems and a string and your mask is ready to be worn.

Teachers send us images of your classroom creations!

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