Candle paintings-an unconvential but fun technique

Over the course of the past 6 months the Funlab artists have used the “resist” technique taking advantage of different materials that we have here in our lab-center. For example, we used oil pastels to draw fish and then painted over them with glitter paint to create underwater paradises. We also used black crayons and watercolors to illustrate how nature is symetrical using the butterfly as an example.

The concept is easy. Where the paper is covered with wax, the water based paint will not absorb. We decided to try another source of wax-candles! As you can see, we used the candles to draw simple images (that are almost invisible).

Then we painted over the image with watercolors. Almost like magic our image appears.

We decided to use our unique images to decorate cards for our cousins who live far way!

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