Cooking with kids

Camp fire fun with kids!

This year we spent the 15th of August in the States and celebrated this holiday American style.  When my sister-in-law started talking about “Spider Dogs” and “Smores” my kids got really excited (even if my very Italian kids did not really know what she was talking about:)).  Not what I would call a healthy balanced meal but we had a great time at our beach cook out.  These easy kid friendly dishes are lots of fun!

You will need:
Hot dogs (wurstel)
Graham Crackers
Chocolate Bars
Long sticks
Camp fire

Spider Dogs: Once the campfire is up and going, quarter the ends of your hot dog. Put on a long stick.

Let the kids roast them over the open fire until well done. As the hot dogs cook, the ends will open up and turn the hot dogs into fun “spiders”.

Smores: Every girl scout in the States has made these on a camping trip.
Step 1: Put your marshmellow on a long stick.
Step 2: Toast over the fire making sure that it does not catch on fire. It should be golden brown.

Step 3: Prepare the cookies and cholocate.

Step 4: When the marshmellow is done, carefully (gets very hot!) slide it onto the chocolate and cover with a second cookie.


Enjoy your summer!

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