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Build your own dinosaur and have a roaring good time!

Looking for something to do with your little dinosaur lover? How about trying out a build your own dinosaur kit that uses a wooden skeleton and air dry clay?! I have been meaning to publish this for a couple of weeks. The FunLab English classes have kept me really busy! When I first opened the CREATE A DINOSAUR – T REX box by Joustra, I was little overwhelmed by the clay that you use to cover the skeleton. My experience with previous kits using clay has not always been positive. We never seemed to be able to create anything that looked remotely like the images on the boxes. However, I have to admit that this product is completely different.

The air dry clay in the kit is SUPER SOFT and really EASY TO USE! The dinosaur ended up coming out far better than I expected! I ended up stealing a small piece of clay to play with because it is soooo soft and fun to model. We made the T REX version of the Create a Dinosaur series – it could be fun to try the other two.

Okay. Let’s get down to business and let me show you how we did it.

First, we removed the skeleton from the frame that it arrives in. All the pieces of the skeleton are clearly numbered to make building easier.

Second, we followed the number scheme and put the skeleton together.

Third, we covered the wooden skeleton with red air dry clay. So much fun!

Lastly, we added details using the coloured clay like finger nails and stripes on the back of our build your own dinosaur.

You need to let the clay dry and then your dinosaur is ready to be played with!

I have to admit that my favorite step was coving the skeleton with the red clay – loved the sensation of the clay!

keep crafting

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