Bring on the bats! Happy Halloween from FunLab

Halloween is here! Last year at FunLab we had a great party which starred all sorts of bat projects: tissue art bats, little pumpkins transformed into bats with lots of craft accessories and, of course, bat shaped cookies to decorate and snack on! This year our party will star ghosts and spiders but I couldn’t help putting up an easy post dedicated to this funny little guy. Three simple steps that are guaranteed to keep your little artists busy and happy on Halloween weekend.

You will need
walnuts in the shell
black acrylic paint
google eyes
black craft foam or card stock
hot glue gun or craft glue

Step 1: Paint your walnuts black. We did lots because one bat all by himself would be a little bit lonely.

Step 2: Cut out two wings per bat. I used craft foam but black card stock works fine. Glue the wings on to the sides of the walnut shell so that the bat looks like it is flying.

Step 3: Glue on two google eyes.

Now you can use them to decorate for Halloween. I glued a piece of string to the top so that we could also have flying bats!

Happy Halloween

Don’t miss out on our three days dedicated to Halloween:

October 28th: HALLOWEEN COOKING CLASS from 17.00 until 18.00
October 29th: HALLOWEEN WORKSHOP from 15.00 until 17.00 (via Gorani location)
October 30th: HALLOWEEN WORKSHOP from 16.00 until 18.00 (event room Mondadori di via Marghera)

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