Booking making with kids: Recycled accordian recipe book

One of the characteristics of the FunLab Summer Camp is the biweekly cooking class during which the kids prepare their own lunch with the help of our artisinal chef, Sonia.  Obviously, the kids want to bring the recipes created during the class home to share with Mom and Dad:).  I decided that we needed to make a special cookbook where our little chefs could store their summer cooking memories.  Look how cute a our  accordian Recipe Book is –  just think that we use recycled materials that we already had on hand!!

You will need:
Old paper bags
Colored paper (including construction paper and scrapbooking odds and ends).
Zig Zag scissors

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Gather your paper bags together and cut into long 9-10 cm wide strips. The length of the strip determines how many pages you can add to the book.

Step 2: Use your scrap book paper or construction paper to cut out and even number of the same sized blocks. These blocks of colored paper will serve as the pages of the book. I had lots of random scraps of paper including left overs from Christmas, Easter, vairous birthdayd and Valentine’s Day. Our resulting cook book is a fun mix of all the different holidays!

Step 3: Adding pages. Cover the back of one piece of colored paper with glue. Layer over the end of the long strip.

Cover with a second piece of colored paper.

Step 4: Continue as described in step 3 adding pages to the resulting accordian style book leaving a little bit of space between the pages.

Step 5: Once you have added the number of pages that you want to your accordian book, you can start to add some fun details. Use scraps of colorful paper and decorative scissors to cut out shapes and glue into the book!

Now all you have to do is add your recipes and the cook books is complete.

Happy crafting!

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