Book making: organize your week with an envelope book

final compositDuring the spring, my son went to a Nature Camp with his teacher and classmates for 5 days.  His teacher asked us to write a short letter for everyday that he would be away.  In order to organize the letters written by his sister, friends and cousins, I decided to make him a WEEKLY ORGANIZER made out of envelopes.   It turned to be much easier than I orginally expected and I was able to turn it into a recycling project!!!!  Read here to discover how to make a BOOK OUT OF ENVELOPES.  I used it organize letters but the sky is the limit:  you can put away pictures, receipts and more.

You will need:

Empty cereal box
Lamination glue
Colored paper
Colored envelopes
Card stock
Glue sticks

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Cut your cereal box into two rectangles slightly larger than the envelope.
Step 2: Measure your colored paper which will be used to cover the cereal box and will serve as a cover for your envelope book.
measure cover paper
Step 3: Glue paper onto the cereal box pieces using school glue. Fold over edges as shown below.
cover collage

Step 4: Cut out two long strips of heavy card stock. Fold into an accordian.
green paper accordian

Step 5: Glue accordian onto the two covers.
glue on accordian

Step 6: Glue on first envelope covering the inside of the cover.
cover with envelope

Step 7: Glue envelopes to accordian folds.
second envelope

Step 8: Cover inside of the envelope flap with scrap booking paper.
covered flap

Step 9: Add details using stamps.
Final 1

Have fun!

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