Book Club: Winnie the Witch

After the fun we had the Winnie the Witch book, Winnie and the Big Bad Robot, we decided to read the original Winnie the Witch book. SO MUCH FUN! To accompany our reading we turned a simple brown paper bag into a silly witch hand puppet.  You can reuse the flashcards that you already made for the Big Bad Robot book.

You will need:
brown paper bags
mixed acrylic paints
paint brushes
google eyes
orange and black construction paper

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Paint bottom of the bag black and the flap peach. Paint on a purple belt and gold belt buckle.

Step 2: Cut hair out of orange construction paper. And a hat out of black construction paper. Cut out yellow stars. Glue onto the bag. Add the face.

Step 3: Cut out black shoes. Cut out two strips of paper and color orange and yellow stripes. Glue onto bag.

Just slide in your hand and the Winnie puppet is ready to use!

have fun

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