Book Club: The Troll by Julia Donaldson

Looking for a book for children with an intermediate level of English comprehension? Why not try by Julia Donaldson? Most people have read and loved Julia Donaldson’s famous book The Gruffalo but her other books for children are great and worth including in your reading program. This book has a little bit of a complicated story line which might take some acting out to make sure the children are understanding but the illustrations and silly ending make it a success. Since we were reading to an older age group (8 and 9 year olds), we decided to make a sock puppet so that everyone could create their own version of THE TROLL.

You will need:
Socks (I bought a big pack at H&M so it cost around 50 cents a puppet)
Chenille stem/pompom Kit
The Troll flashcards 1
The Troll flashcards 2

Flashcards 1 vocabulary: bridge, pirate ship, goat, fish, spider, pan, island, treasure map, mole
Flashcards 2 vocabulary: crab, mouse, rabbit, boot, hole

Let’s get started:
If you have never held a class using the FunLab Book Club method please make sure you take the time to read this post first to make sure that you implement it correctly!

I love sock puppets! We made dragon sock puppets a couple of years ago so I just adapted it to making a troll instead of a dragon. Click here to read the original post. For my troll, I used some funky paper eyes that I had in my craft chest but you can have the kids make theirs out of colored paper.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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